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The Time Variance Authority is an infinitely vast bureaucracy that governs a significant number of realities in the ever growing multiverse.[4] The organization has dedicated itself to keeping tabs on every reality that exists. It controls a temporal dominion which is approximately two or three times as large as Kang's temporal empire.[5] All employees are born and bred specifically to complete their functions. Every employee in the TVA has lifetime employment.[4] It is an organization of faceless bureaucrats.[6] Most TVA employees are cloned from the same genetic stalk to reduce disputes and improve efficiency. However, they do recruit new promising candidates such as Justice Peace.[7][4]


Ravonna Renslayer (Earth-93091) and Ravonna Renslayer (Earth-6311) from Avengers The Terminatrix Objective Vol 1 3

T.V.A. Territory on the map of the Realm of Known Time

In the very distant future, the Time Variance Authority (or TVA) was formed with the goal of monitoring realities throughout the multiverse and attempting to keep temporal interference to a minimum.[1][8] Although the TVA claims responsibility and authority over the entire omniverse, they have continued territorial disputes with Kang the Conqueror and his Kang Dynasty, Alioth, Revelation, Congress of Realities, and the Delubric Consortium.[6][5][4]

Saving Brooklynopolis[]

After the entire civilization of Brooklynopolis was threatened by a massive Zaniac outbreak occurred during World War VII, the TVA recruited Justice Peace and allowed him to travel back in time and eliminate Zaniac. With the aid of Thor, Justice Peace successfully terminated Zaniac and saved his future.[9]

Time Trial of She-Hulk[]

When the millionaire Charles Czarkowski was put on trial for attempted murder, he claimed it was in self-defense due to the victim being a time-traveller that a message from the future warned him about. Charles sought representation from Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, the law firm where She-Hulk's alter-ego, Jen Walters, worked. Since the case was widely covered by the media and it was near-impossible to find an unbiased jury, GLK&H's head Artie Zix arranged to have the TVA bring people from the near past who were dead in the present at the time of the trial. One of the time-displaced jurors was Clint Barton, the hero known as Hawkeye and a close friend of Walters.[10] Throughout the trial, Jen attempted to warn Barton about his impending death to no avail. The trial was interrupted when Czarkowski summoned a robot as a distraction to escape. Returning to his workshop, he disguised his appearance and sent his past self a warning. Realizing that he had become the person the message warned him about, Czarkowski attempted to send his past self a second message. He was stopped by Justice Peace, who forced Czarkowski into his time machine on behalf of the TVA so he would be shot by his past self, closing the paradox.

Following the resolution of this case, the TVA arrested Walters for her attempts to warn Hawkeye.[11] She was brought to a trial presided in part by Mr. Mobius to decide if she was to be erased from existence. She-Hulk saw herself demoralized by a glimpse into a future conflict of cosmic scales called the Reckoning War had sparked because of her, and pleaded guilty. However, the supervillain Clockwise then hijacked the trial and went on a rampage blasting the Retroactive Cannon. After She-Hulk stopped Clockwise, Mobius reconsidered the heroine's guilty plea, and subsequently ruled in her favor after the numerous testimonies of the people that She-Hulk helped beyond superheroics convinced him that removing her from the timeline would endanger the entire continuum. However, since She-Hulk was still guilty of tampering with time, Mobius decided to have one of the TVA's prisoners remanded into her custody as punishment, and she chose Two-Gun Kid.[12]


At some point in a possible future, the X-Men administered Space Station X, a Sentinel head turned into a monitoring station, and possess aboard it a vault containing time-travel technology, kept untouched under an agreement with the Time Variance Authority, among other organizations. Those organizations were the only ones allowed to authorize entry to the vault. In order to protect the vault, Worthington Industries's Archangel Bots were posted there.[13]

Gwen Stacy's Vacation[]

Member, Ouroborous began to study Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 and informed Mobius M. Mobius that he believed Gwen to be in danger. Mobius was skeptical and told Ouroborous that he himself looked at her danger scale and saw it was a ".7." and told Ouroborous to get his mind off it and enjoy some cake. At first Ouroborous decided to listen but then decided against it and went and saved Gwen, after doing so Ouroborous and the rest of the TVA decided to help Gwen by temporarily relocating her to Earth-616. The agreement was however that Gwen under no circumstances could use her suit while there, Gwen agreed to this but soon after being on 616 was detected using her suit and Ouroborous was sent to lecture her.[14][15]







  • Time goes through cycles. There is a beginning and an end, then everything is renewed. The TVA cannot influence future cycles. He Who Remains attempted to solve this with the Time-Twisters/Time-Keepers, beings who could possibly survive the end of time and pass on to the next cycle.[21]


  • Members of the TVA verbalize unique profanity including "kraggit"[1] and "flarg."[4]
  • The TVA finds the use of the Ultimate Nullifier to be highly annoying as it destroys its victims across the entire timestream, as if they had never existed.[22]
Time Variance Authority (Null-Time Zone) from Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 27 002

Paperwork from the Beyonder and Molecule Man rematch

  • Multiversal events, such as the brief scuffle between the Beyonder and the Molecule Man, produce a staggering amount of paperwork for the TVA.[4]

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