Miguel O'Hara created a time machine in the basement of Parker Industries to visit 2099 A.D.[8] Aside from his own design, he used the work of Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Victor von Doom as well.[7]

Roberta Mendez found the vault and travelled to 2099, allowing for Qweeg to enter the Heroic Age.[6]

Due to The Fist's manipulations to the Timestream, the vault opened in an alternate 2099 A.D..[4]

Miguel and Sonny Frisco modified the vault to open on May 15, 2019 A.D.. Miguel's time there caused the machine to open in Roberta and Sonny's 2099 A.D.. Sonny retained ownership of the vault as the the two left for the future.[9]


  • The machine could only sustain the portal for an hour.[8]
  • It could only be activated by individuals from 2099 A.D.[6]

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