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Timeshadow, from X-Factor #5

Not much is known about the past of the mutant who would eventually call himself Timeshadow. His first recorded appearance was a patient at the same de-tox center that mutant junkie Mike Nowlan was sent to kick his addiction to Heroin following the Vietnam War. What Timeshadow was in the center for remains unrevealed, however upon his first meeting with Nowlan, Nowlan's powers to boost the natural abilities of other mutants would trigger Timeshadow's latent mutant abilities. Timeshadow would join up with Apocalypse's Alliance of Evil and bring Mike in with him. Mike would eventually break free from Apocalypse's compound in California, sending the Timeshadow and the other Alliance members after him. Nowlan would come under the protection of X-Factor who would clash and be defeated by Timeshadow and the other Alliance members thanks to Nowlan helping them when they threatened his ex-wife Susan[1]. X-Factor would track the Alliance back to their headquarters and clash with them, during the fight Nowlan's powers would be unleashed causing Timeshadow to uncontrollably shift back and forward in time. In the battles aftermath, Nowlan and Susan would be killed, and Timeshadow and the Alliance would evade capture[2].

Laying low for a time, Timeshadow and the other Alliance members would terrorize reporter Trish Tilby during a live report, in response to the newly passed Mutant Registration Act. Timeshadow and the others would bring down X-Factor and their young charges before they were all single-handedly defeated by the Beast[3].

The Alliance split up after this last encounter, and Timeshadow's subsequent activities remain unrevealed.


Temporal Duplication: Timeshadow is a mutant with the ability to phase himself out of time, projecting several out-of-sync temporal duplicates of himself. Each duplicate created is capable of independent thought and action.

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