The man known only as 'Ralf' was a resident of a corrupt and debauched far future civilization which judged him a criminal for unknown reasons. When his home civilization was attacked by the superhuman Kilgore Slaughter, Ralf was placed in a time capsule and flung into the timestream in order to allow another of his race to escape (the method of time travel used by his people seems to have required two capsules traveling in opposite directions to 'counterbalance' each other, and Ralf's was set to detonate on arrival). Ralf's journey was interrupted when he collided with Captain Britain (en-route from Otherworld to Earth-238) in the interdimensional void and was diverted to modern day Scotland where he crashed. Given 'the gift of life' by Merlyn (who had manipulated events to lead to just this outcome) he survived the crash and was found and assisted by an astronomer called McMurdo, but soon found himself pursued by Destruct Droids despatched after him from his own time. Ralf's life was saved by Kilgore Slaughter, who had actually been a native of this time period empowered by the reality wave which accompanied Ralf's arrival; his people's attempt to escape Slaughter had actually caused his creation! As Kilgore Slaughter set out to fulfill his destiny by traveling forward in the Destruct Droids' capsule to destroy Ralf's world diseased, Ralf himself, his new love Fiona (McMurdo's daughter), and McMurdo prepared themselves for an uncertain future.[1][2]

For the first three installments of the Timesmasher strip, Ralf is referred to only as 'the Time Traveler'. His name is revealed in Rampage #44. He is referred to as 'Timesmasher' only in the story's title.

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