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-- Wolverine

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Synopsis for "Timestorm: Part Two"

In the year 2099, at the Synthia Research facility, Shakti begins psychacly probing Peter's memories, and learns he's from another time. Back in the present, the New Avengers have captured Jake Gallows, and figure him for a complete looney-tune since he keeps rambling on about how they murdered his family. Back in 2099, Wolverine battles the group of Hulks, and is helped out by a Ghost Rider. Wolverine tells him that he doesn't smell sulfur, so he needs to turn off the light show. Ghost Rider thinks that he's dealing with one of Wolverine's kids, and gives him a lift back to Fort Dawson. Elsewhere, Miguel and Reilly talk about their secret trip to see the fights, where Miguel was incredibly impressed with the Human Torch they saw. While over at Alchemax, Dr. O'Hara is beginning to get more suspicious of Tyler's work with the Chronosphere, locking everyone else out while he's inside it. Over at the Pym Academy, Miguel and Kron are in class, studying Real-Time Genetic Sequencing, and it's effects. Something happens to time while Tyler is in the Chronosphere, causing a temporal shockwave. The explosions are felt at the Pym Academy, causing a mutated scorpion and spider to interact with Kron and Miguel. Later, Tyler is visiting Kron in the hospital, who has been horribly mutated into a scorpion-like creature.


Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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