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Quote1.png Spider-Man! For crimes against humanity, you are hereby targeted for punishment! Quote2.png
Jake Gallows

Appearing in "Timestorm: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Timestorm: Part 1"

Tyler Stone is using a Chronosphere and sends Jake Gallows back into the past, trying to rewrite history for some unknown purpose. Shooting Spider-Man first, Jake sends Peter Parker into the year 2099 where he is captured and drugged, and being held at Synthia, where he meets Shakti. In the year 2099, a young Miguel O'Hara and Kron Stone attend an event where they witness some kind of Human Torch. Back in the present, Jake shoots Wolverine, sending him into the year 2099 where he runs into a group of Hulks destroying Washington D.C.


Chronology Notes

Characters in this story also appear in other stories between this issue. The affected characters are:
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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