Corkscrew participated in a try-out held by X-Statix to find a replacement member for the recently deceased U-Go Girl, at the Nevada X-Statix Training Camp. He was a promising candidate, 'a rising star in the feeder leagues', and had a rep for going in where it hurts.

He was qualified as a "Code X", which meant that his mutation had possibly driven him insane, and expressed extreme violence during the training.

He was seen kicking a green-skinned man but then used his powers to kill an opponent moments later during a session in front of the X-Statix. His cas was handled by Doop on X-Statix owner Spike Freeman demands, to determines his real status.

The mutant Corkscrew killed would have his death explained in a different way, as deaths during training are not popular with the public, so it will be said the mutant had died during a mission.[2]

Doop took Corkscrew out into the woods for what Corkscrew thinks is an innocent reason. Doop had the man filmed from cheery and upbeat, to a horse-butchering, sobbing breakdown. At which point, Doop ends the man's misery, killing him with an axe and a smile.[3]


Bodily Transformation: Corkscrew is a mutant who can turn his forearms (and possibly other sections of his body) into hard, sharp tendrils.

  • Spinning: Corkscrew tended to spin around in a 'corkscrew' motion to drill at his enemies.


Insanity: His powers had given to him kind of bipolarity and rendered him extremely violent, and classified him as Code-X.

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