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Faux Contessa De Fontaine

Shortly after the death of Captain America, a Skrull agent posing as Contessa de Fontaine approached Dum Dum Dugan asking for the whereabouts of Nick Fury. After he told her he did not know, the Skrull stabbed Dugan with claws similar to those of Wolverine, seemingly leaving Dugan to die, and then shapeshifted to take his place.[2] Dugan would later revealed to have been kept alive, as all others replaced by Skrulls had been.[4]

World War Hulk

While posing as Dugan he disapproved of Stark's leadership, Stark still trusted Dugan and Dugan alone with the command of a weapon that could send an abandoned Manhattan into the Negative Zone, destroying the island and anyone inside during World War Hulk, citing that the Hulk and his Warbound were too dangerous a global threat to leave Manhattan free. Stark trusted that Dugan would know the appropriate time to execute the plan, if at all. Dugan never used the weapon. Dugan continued work after that as Deputy Director, alongside Maria Hill.[5] The Skrull was later revealed to have used this trust to have the device planted in ever Initiative base through the country as a last resort measure.[3]

Secret Invasion

Moments before the destruction of The Peak

The Skrull agent was present at The Peak, headquarters of S.W.O.R.D., when a Skrull ship carrying a group of superhumans and Skrull agents crashed in the Savage Land. As the Skrull invasion began, the faux Dugan mouthed the words "He Loves You", and then caused a massive explosion that destroyed the Peak.[1]

This Skrull, under the guise of Contessa de Fontaine, oversaw the Vibranium mining operation in the Savage Land. He/she was the only Skrull agent that escaped the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier attack that destroyed the entire operation.[6]

He later showed up alive and well when the Skrulls amassed at Camp Hammond, helping subdue the Shadow Initiative though he himself was killed while trying to trigger a doomsday weapon when the Skrull forces had been defeated and their Queen killed.[7]



Super Skrull Engineering



Formerly the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

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