He was mutated using The Leader's DNA and artificially aged. He was told that while he was still in the womb, his mother was frightened by the Hulk's appearance. She suffered a stroke which adversely affected his development.[citation needed]
Timothy Wilkerson (Earth-616) from World War Hulk Gamma Corps Vol 1 1 0001

As Prodigy

He later discovered that the real cause of his condition was his mother taking heroin while she was pregnant.[citation needed]

Prodigy and the rest of the Gamma Corps were attacked by a haywire Hulk A.I., who wanted to kill them as part of the plan of the original Hulk to neutralize every Gamma-powered mutate from the Earth, even though the original Hulk's plan didn't include lethal force. After following the haywire A.I. to Fort Knox, Hulk saved the Gamma Corps from their deaths, but later stripped them of their powers.[1]


None after being depowered by the Hulk.


Responsible for creating/maintaining the team's equipment.

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