Tina Minoru was one of the Masters of the Mystic Arts based in Kamar-Taj, Tibet.

Minoru and fellow master Daniel Drumm interrupted Kaecilius as he was scolding Wong for failing to retrieve a stolen mystical sceptre. Kaecilius questioned why she and Drumm got involved when they had other business to attend to, and Drumm replied that they were called in to help Kaecilius and Wong. Kaecilius rejected their help, and transported himself elsewhere.

Later, Minoru and her fellow masters found Kaecilius unconscious, after having been beaten by the thief and the stolen sceptre. Kaecilius said he was shocked that the thief was able to overpower him, and Minoru explained that it was the sceptre's ability to absorb the light of any individual and amplify their doubt and fear as well that defeated him. Drumm suggested once more that they work together to defeat the thief, and Kaecilius finally agreed. They located the thief and defeated her, with their combined powers overpowering the stolen sceptre.[1]



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