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Early life

Tina Minoru is the daughter of the late Akari Minoru and sister of the late Tokiko Minoru and Judith Minoru.

Tina studied mystical arts at a academy where she was contacted by the imprisoned Morgan Le Fay, a Dark Dimension sorceress who pretended to be Tina's friend and convinced her to steal a magical artifact known as the Staff of One, which was kept inside a safe in the academy. Tina stole the staff, but before handing it over to le Fay, she realized that the witch was manipulating her. So Tina severed her ties to Morgan and decided to keep the staff, since she too had been attracted to her power.[1]

Tina Minoru later became one of the Masters of the Mystic Arts in Kamar-Taj, Tibet.

At some point, Tina married Robert Minoru and had two daughters with him, Amy and Nico.


Years later, together with her husband, Tina was recruited by the Magistrate, also known as Jonah, to form Pride. Thanks to the resources of Jonah, Tina and Robert founded the Wizard.

Tina used the Staff of One during Pride rituals to create a sound barrier to make sure no one heard what was going on. Along with the rest of PRIDE, Tina's first victim was Brooks Watten. After the sacrifice was over, Tina admitted that she knew they were going to kill Brooks, and warned them that everything had been recorded on Wizard's servers. Tina also said that although she felt sorry for the victim, they had to continue with the rituals or Jonah could sacrifice them or their children.[2]

After the death of the Hernandez, Tina went to the funeral with her family and Pride, which some members thought Tina herself had killed, but it was actually Leslie Dean.

Scepter theft

In 2014, Minoru and fellow master Daniel Drumm interrupted Kaecilius as he was scolding Wong for failing to retrieve a stolen mystical sceptre. Kaecilius questioned why she and Drumm got involved when they had other business to attend to, and Drumm replied that they were called in to help Kaecilius and Wong. Kaecilius rejected their help, and transported himself elsewhere.

Later, Minoru and her fellow masters found Kaecilius unconscious, after having been beaten by the thief and the stolen sceptre. Kaecilius said he was shocked that the thief was able to overpower him, and Minoru explained that it was the sceptre's ability to absorb the light of any individual and amplify their doubt and fear as well that defeated him. Drumm suggested once more that they work together to defeat the thief, and Kaecilius finally agreed. They located the thief and defeated her, with their combined powers overpowering the stolen sceptre.[3]

Amy's death

In 2015, her eldest daughter Amy, hacked into Wizard's servers to discover the company's secrets, causing a Jonah to be furious and kill her. Later, Tina was alerted to Amy's death by Nico. Tina interrupted Nico's emergency call and ordered Wizey to seal the house. Tina then called 911 to report Amy's death and bribed Detective Flores to report that Amy had committed suicide.[4]

Amy's death caused her family to distance herself. She ignored her husband for two years and Nico became goth.

Attack on the Sanctums

In 2016, Tina had an appointment with the Ancient One, Daniel Drumm and Sol Rama in Kamar-Taj. The Ancient One interrupted the meeting because Karl Mordo wanted to speak to her. Soon after, Tina and the other masters were present during an exercise that involved novice and intermediate sorcerers. She helped students to perfect their skills and continued to help other Masters.

At the Hong Kong Sanctum, Tina and other Masters received orders from Wong to prepare for the battle against Kaecilius and his followers. Despite their efforts, the Masters were defeated and the Sanctum was destroyed. However, Doctor Strange activated the Eye of Agamotto, causing time to reverse and stop the death of Tina and the other masters.[5]


In 2017, Pride would make its final sacrifice, Destiny Gonzales, but it failed. Without Pride knowing, their children watched the sacrifice and decided to investigate them.[6][7] Days later, Pride was finally able to make the last sacrifice, restoring Jonah's body. Unbeknownst to Tina, Nico found the staff[8] and used it to save Alex Wilder. When Nico returned home, Tina understood and taught Nico how to handle it.[9][2] Tina also discovered the case between her husband and Janet Stein.[10] Even so, she remained married to Robert. Afterwards, she destroyed a Dematerialization Box to prevent Robert from sacrificing himself to resurrect Victor Stein, who had been mortally wounded.[11] Pride discovered that their children had discovered them and they confronted them on the dig site. Tina took the Staff back from Nico and discovered that it was Jonah who murdered his daughter Amy years ago, so she swore Vengeance, and then the children managed to escape.[12][13]

In 2018, Tina became the leader of Pride as Leslie Dean had resigned. Tina then went on looking for the Runaways and trying to find a way to kill Jonah.[14] During a confrontation at her home, Tina returned the staff to Nico.[15] After the last battle on the dig site,[16] Tina was possessed by the magistrate's daughter, causing her to lose consciousness while the girl took control. Still, Tina remained a member of Pride. She participated in the hunt for her children, controlling several PRIDE Drones for catchers, but ended up failing.[17]

Tina regained control when Nico got rid of the Gibborim during the Battle at the Plant but she was trapped in the Dark Dimension.[18] There, she relived Amy's loss. Later, Tina managed to escape with Nico's help, but when she returned to Earth, she discovered that Morgan Le Fay had also escaped and had taken control of Wizard and bewitched Robert.[19] Tina was admitted to a mental hospital after causing at a Wizard party, but then she was rescued again by Nico. Although Tina managed to free Robert from the enchantment of the witch, Morgan killed him.[20] Tina then returned to the retired PRIDE and helped save Molly Hernandez from the Coven. Tina also used her witchcraft skills to block Le Fay's army from reaching Earth while the Runaways defeated the witch and sent her back to imprisonment.[21]

Powers and Abilities


  • Magic


  • Businesswoman
  • Bilingualism
  • Expert Martial Artist




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