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Tina Minoru[src]

Tina Minoru was a dark wizard, mother of Nico Minoru, wife of Robert Minoru, and a founding member of The Pride.



Tina Minoru and her husband Robert were dark wizards[3][1] for a long lineage of warlocks.[4][5][6]

The Pride

One the day of their wedding, the couple was summoned by the Gibborim to be the "The Magicians" in the Pride with promises of power, wealth, and eternal life.[1][2]

Tina and Robert being summoned by the Gibborim

Tina and Robert battling Doctor Strange

As members of the Pride, the Minorus used their dark arts to assist in ruling the Los Angeles underworld, sacrificing to the Gibborim, protecting their turf, and disposing of threats to their power for a quarter of a century.[7][1][8][9] The Minorus also had several connections within the black magic community.[5][10]

At some point, the Minorus obtained the Black Mirror from Marie Laveau. Curious about their ancestry, they used the Black Mirror to explore the heritage of clan Minoru. Terrified by what they found, they used blood magic to seal the mirror.[5]

Tina and Robert died in the Marine Vivarium with the other members of the Pride during the failed Rite of Thunder. Their last act was to distract the Gibborim allowing Nico and the others escaped.[11]

Tina and Robert honing their magic








  • Tina and her family are of Japanese descent.[19][20]
  • Tina and Robert raised Nico was raised in the Christian faith and attended church every Sunday.[3][21]

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