After a group of fairies kidnapped the son of a British cabinet minister, Tink was part of an MI13 strike team that assaulted Avalon and brought the child back. As part of a peace pact made with Oberon, she was united with Pete Wisdom in a sort of marriage.[1]

When the Skrull forces were invading Earth, Captain Britain was killed by them while trying to stop their invasion of Otherworld.[2] Pete Wisdom then called for Tink to help them travel to Otherworld were they would ally with Avalon forces, and fight off the invasion together.[3]


Ability to shrink to fairy-size. Presumably, since her clothes and flechette cannon shrunk as well, she's capable of shrinking a certain amount of matter as well.


During the assault on Avalon, she used a flechette cannon specifically calibrated for small targets (specifically fairies).[1]

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