A friendly Eurasian red squirrel, Tippysaur underwent Terrigenesis outside the window of Empire State University computer science student Luneen Lafagreen and grew to the size of a T. rex, inspiring Luneen to take the name Moon Squirrel and fight crime alongside her new giant squirrel friend. Luneen constructed herself a Miniaturized In-Ear Squirrel Translation Machine in order to communicate with her ally.[1]

One day, Tippysaur spotted Doctor Doomactus approaching Earth and alerted Luneen to the threat before consulting their D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L.'s Guide to Super Villains Cards. Dismayed to find Doctor Doomactus had no known weaknesses, the two attempted to attack anyway, but were quickly dispatched by Doomactus.[1]

While brainstorming alternate ways to defeat him, Tippysaur inspired her human comrade to use the Miniaturized In-Ear translation Machine to make Doomactus believe that all life on Earth already praised him, convincing him to leave Earth, placing it under his protection.

The two later recounted these events to the Defenders, before going on to fight the Ratmaster[1], and later joining the many heroes who answered Emma Frost's psychic call to fight Devondra.[2]


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