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Titan (Moon of Saturn) from Thanos Rising Vol 1 5 001

Thanos' attack annihilating Titan

Titan is one of the satellites of Saturn and home of the Titanians.[3] It was also the homeworld of Thanos, who went on to annihilate a big portion of Titan with nuclear devices.[4]

Alternate realities[]


Titan (Moon of Saturn) from Captain Marvel Vol 7 128

On Earth Zeta Titan is a thriving civilization and home to Thanos the Just whose peacekeeping force watches over the galaxy's innocents and protects them from the space pirates.[5]


Titan (Moon of Saturn) from Avengers Infinity War 001

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe Titan is an exoplanet rather than a moon of Saturn. A lush and rich world, it was threatened by overpopulation which Thanos proposed to solve by randomly killing half of the population. He was called madman and rejected while the cataclysm he predicted did eventually came to pass, leaving the entire planet desolate of life.[6]

Moira 9[]

In the Ninth Life of Moira X, Titan was completely consumed by Nimbus, a machine intelligence created by Post-Human.[7]



Titan (Moon of Saturn) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 13 001
Titan (Moon of Saturn) from Captain Marvel Vol 1 27 001
  • Titan was stated to be an artificial construct world rather than a natural moon,[8][9] but it is known that it pre-existed the Eternals.[10] It is artificial on the limited extent of the fact the colony is mainly underground.[11]
  • Titan has an outer atmosphere made of Methane.[9]

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