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The Titans are Eternals born from the mating of the Eternal Sui-San and of the Cosmic-powered Eternal of Earth Mentor, along with genetic engineering and cloning.[7]

Alternate realities


Sui-San was revealed to be a Skrull, making all Titans hybrids of Skrull and cosmic-powered Eternals.[8]

Powers and Abilities


Due to their hybrid origin from the cosmic-powered Mentor, the Titans have powers and advanced longevity, yet aren't immortals or as powerful.[10]


Population: After Thanos' attack, only a mere 100 Eternals were left. Before that assault, the population was of 35,000.[9]


  • Sui-San being a third generation Titanian Eternal,[9] the Titans are all fourth or later generation.
  • "Titan" refers both to the subgroup of Eternals of Titan and to residents or people raised there like Moondragon.[11]


  • All Titans were initially shown being purple-skinned like Thanos in Iron Man #55. The idea of Thanos being different-looking from the rest of his people wasn't established until later on.[12]

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