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Titanis is one of the Eternals of Earth.

During the Contest of Champions, she, along with several other Eternals was teleported off-planet by the Grandmaster, who was choosing champions from among the ranks of Earth's heroes in his game against Death. Titanis was not, however, chosen to participate in the actual contest.[1]

Sometime later, Titanis was part of a team of Eternals led by Zuras who worked alongside the High Evolutionary to defend his Arctic Base from the New Warriors. Alongside her kin, she battled the New Warriors until Justice was able to convince Zuras that he had been misled into believing that the Celestial's judgement of humanity was imminent. Their alliance with the High Evolutionary no longer necessary, Titanis and the other Eternals abandoned the fight.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Titanis posesses the usual enhanced physical attributes of an Eternal.


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