Titanium Man Gremlin's

Gremlin's version of Titanium Man.

Gremlin designed a brand new Titanium Man armor to assist his fellow Soviet Super Soldiers in battle; Much like the Crimson Dynamo Armor Mark IV Gremlin himself designed, it was an updated version of an older persona. It also incorporated stolen Stark technology.

The new Titanium Man debuted helping his team mates at a train wreak in Russia. The armor was a surprise as KGB agent Dimitri Burkharin was unaware of its creation. The suit was damaged by Wolverine who was attempting to disable the Titanium Man who was hunting Magneto.[1][2][3]

The Gremlin and Bukharin were confronted in Russia by Tony Stark during the first Armor Wars. During the battle, the Titanium Man's armor was ignited by Iron Man's boot jets. The Gremlin plunged into the icy water in an attempt to put out the fire, but was unsuccessful.[4]

A short while later; Living Laser took the form of Gremlin's Titanium Man armor during the second Armor Wars and attacked Stark in order to taunt Iron Man further.[5][6]

After Boris Bullski returned as Titanium Man and spent years in his original armor; He has since taken to wearing an updated version of Gremlin's Titanium Man Armor with a slightly updated design. Its exact origins remain a mystery currently.[7][8]



Villains TitaniumMan Gremlin3

Gremlin climbing into the armor.

Gremlin designed the suit to be vastly superior to Bullski's older armor. There was a hatch in the armor's chest area so that Gremlin could climb inside it with ease and pilot it. It is probable that Gremlin designed this suit to have similar stats to the Crimson Dynamo armor he created. Otherwise; It can be assumed the armor retains all the original Titanium Man's abilities.

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