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Machine that is Earth[src]

Titanos is the first city created by the Eternals, one of the six Eternal Cities of Earth, and their original capital.[2][3] It was accidentally destroyed by the Eternal Patriarch Kronos in a disastrous but successful attempt to master time, elevating him to a cosmic being. This incident nearly destroyed the Machine (the planet Earth).[4][5] Its ruins are now abandoned, full of temporal anomalies, distortions, and rifts. Uncontrollable portals appear at random, which can be used to travel through time and/or gain knowledge of the past or future.[6]


Titanos was the first capital of Eternal society,[7] built in polar mountains[8] in the area now known as the Northwest Territories of Canada. It was the place from where the trio of Eternals known as the Patriarchs (Kronos, Oceanus, and Uranos) effectively ruled their race during the first age of Eternal history.[9]

600,000 years ago, Uranos travelled to the Patriarchal Core in Titanos to present his proposal to exterminate all Deviants to his brothers. Although both of them rejected his plan as genocidal and immoral, Uranos proceeded to use one of his weapons of mass destruction to kill almost the entire population of the Deviant capital of Lemuria. This act of near-genocide began the first major schism in Eternal history, the Uranos War. After being eventually betrayed, captured and bound, Uranos was brought back to the Patriarchal Core to face the judgment of his brothers.[9]

When those followers of Uranos who had survived the war and fled into space later settled on one of Saturn's moons, they named it Titan in honor of Titanos.[10]

500,000 years ago,[5] Kronos successfully mastered time and gave birth to a cosmic god but in doing so he also nearly destroyed the Machine and threatened the planet. The initial explosion shattered the city and killed all of the Eternals (except those who were Excluded or off-planet at the time) and they all had to be resurrected and killed several more times before they could stabilize the chronal disruption. However, the chronal distortions left the ruined city superimposed between three seconds from now and two seconds ago, making it an insanely dangerous place to live, with many Eternals considering it to be a hell. Some Eternals believe that the chronal distortions are not truly stabilized and will build over the next few million years until they tear the planet apart.[4] Despite its fallen, warped state, Titanos remains part of the Great Machine.[11]

After the fall of Titanos, Celestia became the primary site of Eternal religion while Olympia and Polaria began a long struggle to achieve temporal mastery and become the new capital of Eternal society.[7]

Sometime in the early Bronze Age, Ikaris found himself battling through Titanos. While there, he passed a time distortion through which he caught a glimpse of a human boy on a coastline spotting a giant monster. After surviving the battle, Ikaris sought out that boy and asked him to keep watch for the monster.[11]

At some point, three Eternals decided to live in Titanos, thereby becoming known as the Titanos Hermits.[4]

Recently, after Zuras was murdered in Olympia by an unknown party, Ikaris and Sprite followed a lead that took them to Titanos where they saw a vision of an event that had not occurred: Ikaris kneeling before the headstone of a human boy named Toby Robson and apologizing for having failed him. And then the murderer, Thanos, made his presence known.[4] Ikaris immediately attacked Thanos and their battle carried them into and through a portal, causing them to fall through time before ending up back in Titanos.[11]

Days later, when Zuras called an election of the Prime Eternal, Druig travelled to Titanos to try to convince the three hermits to vote for Thanos. Their responses were not encouraging.[12]

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  • In the original account of the war that Chronos and his allies fought against Uranus and his mad Titans, as told by Eon to Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel #29, there was no mention of any place named "Titanos." Instead, the war was fought in "Olympus before it became Olympus."
  • The city of Titanos was created as part of the storyline that retconned Chronos and Uranus from being Titans from Greek mythology into members of the first generation of Eternals. It was in What If? #24 that the Watcher related the untold tale of how the first Eternals had built Titanos in the polar mountains and how it had been destroyed in a civil war, then rebuilt by the victors and then destroyed again years (or centuries or millennia) later when an experiment involving cosmic life force that Chronos was conducting went wrong.
    • Due to the most recent retcon, much of the history revealed in this Untold Tale is no longer accurate. However, since details about the new history are sparse, certain aspects of that tale may still be valid.
  • In the story that introduced Titanos, the location where the city was built was not specified beyond being in the Arctic/polar mountains. Accordingly, the entry for the Eternals in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #4 simply stated that Titanos had been in the Arctic.

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