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The Titans are Eternals born from the mating of the Eternal Sui-San and of the Cosmic-powered Eternal of Earth Mentor, along with genetic engineering and cloning.[7]

Alternate realities


Sui-San was revealed to be a Skrull, making all Titans hybrids of Skrull and cosmic-powered Eternals.[8]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

The Titans lived peacefuly on the paradise-like planet Titan. However, the people soon began suffering from overpopulation causing a scarcity of natural resources and there wasn't enough food to feed everyone. Thanos suggested to kill half of the population so the other half could live, but a random dispassionate form, fair to both rich and poor alike. He was deemed a mad man and was exiled from his people. However, Thanos was somewhat right, and the entire race soon died, leaving Thanos the only Titan alive.[9]

It is unknown if the race has any connection with the Eternals of the same universe, or are an entire sepearate race.

Powers and Abilities


Due to their hybrid origin from the cosmic-powered Mentor, the Titans have powers and advanced longevity, yet aren't immortals or as powerful.[11]



After Thanos' attack, only a mere 100 Eternals were left. Before that assault, the population was of 35,000.[10]


  • Sui-San being a third generation Titanian Eternal,[10] the Titans are all fourth or later generation.
  • "Titan" refers both to the subgroup of Eternals of Titan and to residents or people raised there like Moondragon.[12]


  • All Titans were initially shown being purple-skinned like Thanos in Iron Man #55. The idea of Thanos being different-looking from the rest of his people wasn't established until later on.[13]

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