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Quote1 Titan was full of Eternal-like beings, born of various methodologies. None were true Eternals, who could be integrated into the Machine. Quote2
Machine that is Earth[src]

The Eternals of Titan are a group of Eternals who descended from the Eternals of Earth. While Eternals can reproduce in a variety of ways, nigh-none of them results in Eternals that could be integrated into the Machine that is Earth. Thus, the Eternals connected to the Machine do not consider the Eternals of Titan to be "true" Eternals.[6][5][7]

Mentor and Sui-San, two Eternals from Earth, were trying to produce true Eternal children (i.e. able to be added to the Machine) on Titan, and with the help of Kronos, they gave birth to Thanos and Starfox.[5] Starfox was a success and was added to the Machine.[8] Thanos was an utter failure: he was born with Deviant syndrome,[9][10] he was unable to be fully incorporated into the Machine,[11][8] and he ended up as a mass murderer who eventually massacred the people of Titan.[12]


In the Titan Schism, Mentor traveled to the moon of Titan to meet Sui-San and try to unlock the secret of true Eternal reproduction, as most methods of Eternal procreation resulted in Eternals that could not be added to the Machine that is Earth. Nevertheless, they populated Titan with beings born from clones, constructs, aliens, etc. who possessed Eternal traits but were not part of the Machine.[5][6] They were the Eternals of Titan.[13]

They developed Titan into a wonder of science, building the super-computer ISAAC to help them run the environment.[14][15] With time, they eventually succeeded in reproducing biologically and breeding true Eternals that can be added to the Machine with the help of the Quantum Bands, Thanos and Starfox.[7][5][6] However, Thanos was a genocidal mutated monster and he wiped out nearly all of the peaceful Eternals of Titan.[13]

Alternate realities[]


Sui-San was revealed to be a Skrull, making all Titans hybrids of Skrull and cosmic-powered Eternals.[16]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)[]

The Titans lived peacefully on the paradise-like planet Titan. However, the people soon began suffering from overpopulation causing a scarcity of natural resources and there wasn't enough food to feed everyone. Thanos suggested to kill half of the population so the other half could live, but a random dispassionate form, fair to both rich and poor alike. He was deemed a mad man and was exiled from his people. However, Thanos was somewhat right, and the entire race soon died, leaving Thanos the only Titan alive.[17]

It is unknown if the race has any connection with the Eternals of the same universe, or are an entire separate race.

Powers and Abilities


Due to the diverse nature of the Titans, they have vastly different powers.



After Thanos' attack, only a mere 100 Titans were left. Before that assault, the population was of 35,000.[18]



  • All Titans were initially shown being purple-skinned like Thanos in Iron Man #55. The idea of Thanos being different-looking from the rest of his people wasn't established until six months later in Captain Marvel #27.[20]

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