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Official Name
Titans Three
Team Leader(s)
formerly Sub-Mariner
Former Member(s)
Identity and Affiliations
Gathered by Prince Namor in order to destroy a device created by the US Government that threatened to destroy the Earth
Base of Operations
Place of Formation
San Pablo
Creators and Appearances


Gathered in San Pablo by the Sub-Mariner to destroy a device that could end up destroying the Earth, the Silver Surfer and the Hulk worked together him him to crush the dictatorship of El General in San Pablo[1] before heading to another island in the Caribbean Sea controlled by the United Nations where they built a machine designed to control weather patterns. Namor feared that this machine would explode if operated past a certain power level and wanted his Atlantean scientists to test it to ensure its safety before the U.N. put it into operation.

The military, however, were distrustful of the trio due to their past activities and the government called in the Avengers to prevent them from destroying the device. Iron Man, Thor, and Goliath responded to the call, as the other members of the Avengers were gone to do a T.V. charity spot. The Avengers realized their error when Ikthon proved to everyone present that the device would have become unstable and exploded if used at full power, just like Namor feared. The Avengers would leave on good terms with the Trio, who would then disband shortly after.[2] They would, however, gather again many times after as a group known as the Defenders.[3]

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