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Silver Age

The villain originally known as the Toad was a minion of Magneto during the Silver Age of Comics.[3] Magneto's enemies the Echs-Men knew about the Toad, but they were apparently unable to approach Toad before Magneto did,[5] and thus the Toad became a faithful, if more deferential than thoughtful, follower of Magneto. The Toad did know about Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants but it is unclear whether the Toad was a member of it.[3]

At one point, Magneto decided to launch a new attack against the Echs-Men, mostly because he was their only on-payroll villain and was scheduled to appear in every issue. Toad jumped around him asking about the details, and discovered that Magneto would launch his new thug-like robots, the Sentimentals, instead of using the Brotherhood again. The Toad clapped his feet at the prospect, and kept on asking whether Magneto was worried about the consequences of obliterating the Echs-Men. He wasn't, reasoning that the Echs-Men comic-book series would disappear in 60 numbers, tops, and no-one'd miss them ever. Anyway, the Sentimentals failed to find the Echs-Men.[3]

Ain't easy bein' green

In the 1980s, while Magneto abandoned his villain ways and apparently ended his relationship with Toad, the Toad mutated to a green-skinned, webbed-handed, long-tongued being and adopted the new alias "Tremulous Toadstool". He also associated with other villains, including Allura, the Enrapturess, Brutal-cuss, Evil Magneat-o, Master Slime and Thornn, to crash the housewarming party of superhero couple Vizzion and Scarlet Wench in Leonia, New Jersey. But the host defeated the raiders in an attempt to prevent the partypoopers from spoiling their guests' fun - and in fact the guest enjoyed the show.[2]

After this event, Toad's skin and appearance returned to normal (I mean, as normal as he's ever been) in time for Toad to be kicked by Norrin in a fit of rage. At that point, Norrin was suffering because his girlfriend Shalla Bal had left him for a bully handsome guy, and he was reading an ad by Charles Galactus in the partial privacy of his room (I mean, the Toad was still there).[1]

The comic-book artist

Toad was next seen working for Doctor Doom as a comic-book artist: Doom had Toad shackled in a dungeon, probably in Flatveria, and ordered Toad to draw comic-books with slim panels, excessive shadows and almost no feeding. Doom reprimanded Toad for drawing big bovine eyes in characters and using plotless dialogue and, when Toad justified himself claiming that hunger affected his work, Doom hit Toad with a crowbar, apparently having done so previously. Doom threatened to clone the Toad and mentioned that an android impersonated Toad in public but was unable to draw - however, that android was not specifically shown. Toad meanwhile twisted his limbs on the floor.[4]

Toad's Spidey-Man comic-book was a great success and Doom happily when to congratulate Toad, even presenting him with a wheelchair. Toad nervously asked Doom for payment, but Doom disliked this idea and chased Toad away, hitting him and threatening him with the crowbar again.[4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Flexible Bone Structure: The Toad's bone structure enables him great flexibility. He can remain in a crouching position for long periods of time and perform contortionist type feats without causing any damage to his spine.[3] In fact, he usually stands in a crouching position because he can do so without strain - and he tends to twist his limbs apparently for the sake of it.[4]
  • Prehensile Tongue: At one point, the Toad had the ability to extend his tongue up to superhuman length.[2]
  • Superhuman Leaping: The Toad is able to leap extraordinarily, which allows him to perform a number of feats such as clapping with his soles.[3]


The Toad is an accomplished sycophant[3] and an excellent comic-book artist - his designs, while heterodox, were greatly sold among the masses. He's also very good at playing Twister.[4]


The Toad is not particularly good when negotiating his salary with supervillains.[4]



Dr. Doom used shackles to restrain the Toad's movements.[4]


At one point, Doctor Doof presented the Toad with a wheelchair.[4]


The Toad is not related to Dr. Himmer Toad, who appeared in What The--?! #26.[6] However, in What The--?! #14, he seems to be the alternate form of comic-book artist Todd McFarlane.

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