Quote1.png The Temple's God is the Temple's treasure! Quote2.png
-- Von Junzt' Nameless Cults src


Origins and early years

This "monstrous toad-like entity",[3] the Toad God, was confirmed to be either a Great or a Lesser Old One.[1]

It lived in Central America, where he was worshiped in the Temple of the Toad, a pre-Columbian temple built centuries before the Spanish conquest by another race.

In the temple laid a mummy who carried as a necklace a toad-shaped jewel, a key to a hidden door in the temple. The place was thought accursed by the natives.

Von Junzt' book Nameless Cults hinted at the location of the pre-Columbian temple, and mentioned the mummy and the jewel, and also included a warning about "waking sleeping things".[2]

Modern Age

In modern times, the explorer Herr Tussmann sought for the temple using the knowledge of Nameless Cults, and finally found the temple. Despite his native guides advertisements, Tussmann took the jewel and used it to open the door. While exploring the tunnels in search of treasure, Tussmann encountered a little frog, and later found an horror that made him fire his gun at it then flee back to the entrance of the crypt, where the mummy had vanished, and left the temple with the jewel.

Returning home, Tussmann grew mad, haunted by the monster. When his friend Mr. Erwin came to visit him on Tussmann's plea, Tussmann told him his story, before losing sanity as the monster's hooves stroke at the roof. He rushed to his room to secure the jewel, but both were taken away by the flying Toad God who had tore open the roof of the house.[2]

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