Not much is known about Tobe, except that he was either a Morlock taken by Mikhail Rasputin to the alternate dimension known as "The Hill" or else one of the new generation of Morlocks born in that dimension. In any case, like all residents of The Hill, Tobe sought to fight his way to the top and thereby join Mikhail's elite warriors.

When Storm was brought to The Hill by Mikhail, Tobe, along with three other Morlocks, attacked her, hoping to use her defeat to buy their way further up The Hill. Storm was initially dazed by an unexpected plasma bolt from Tobe, but quickly recovered and defeated all her attackers by summoning gale-force winds.[1]


Tobe could through unknown means produce a type of red, harmful plasma which he could use to attack others. His physical structure resembled that of an ape, and he had purple fur, three-fingered hands and three-toed feet.

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