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Tobias was a Space Phantom employed by Immortus in a complex plan to keep the Avengers occupied before the coming of Onslaught.[3]

According to his fabricated history, Tobias and his brother Malachi had been taken away from their true parents by Kang the Conqueror, actually Immortus posing as him,[3] in order to turn them into the heirs to Kang and Mantis' Dynasty.[1]

Tobias and Malachi were sent by their adoptive mother Mantis to capture her former husband, the Cotati Swordsman,[2] again another Space Phantom.[3]

As members of the Anachronauts, Malachi and Tobias clashed with the Avengers several times,[4][5] and, after having followed the Avengers through a time portal, Tobias ended up in an alternate past, from where he was rescued and taken back to Kang's Citadel by his brother Malachi.[6]

Later, Malachi and Tobias were apparently slayed during their last battle against the Avengers.[1]


  • When Crossing was first published, all the characters who appeared were intended to be who they actually were. Since the whole storyline started to make almost no sense after some author changes and continuity errors between the various series, Kurt Busiek retconned the entire event in Avengers: Forever #8 into being a plan devised by Immortus in order to have the Avengers occupied before the upcoming threat of Onslaught. Nearly all the antagonists, except for Kang who was retconned into being Immortus, were then retconned into being Space Phantoms.

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