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[[Category:Mutants activated at birth]]
[[Category:Mutants activated at birth]]
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Toby was a mutant baby whose mother had her car stolen by carjackers while he was still on it. The stress of the situation triggered his mutant powers, quickly turning his cries into a sonic scream which knocked out the carjackers and started to wreck havoc. Wolverine and Honey Badger managed to approach the car, but they were blown away when Laura tried to cover Toby's mouth. Jean Grey arrived to the scene and telepathically calmed down the baby, additionally implanting a psychic suggestion not to cry so much.

Jean subsequently returned Toby to his mother, while also telepathically contacting her colleague Beast to have him make Toby a dampener necklace. She then suggested Toby's mother to have him attend the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach when he was old enough in order to learn how to control his powers.[1]


Ballistic Scream: Toby possesses the ability to unleash a hyper sonic shriek when he cries, similar to if weaker than Black Bolt of the Inhumans. Capable of shattering flesh and de-atomizing blood, glass and reinforced steel. At point blank, Toby's scream vaporized all but the adamantium-coated bones of Wolverine's hand sending both her and Gabby flying away. Blowing the top of the car he was sitting in clean off its supports in the process.[1]

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