Toby Goodman was a huge Marvel Comics fan.[1]
He was the first to witness and acknowledge that many villains were invading his reality.[2]
A few days later, Toby and his father were attacked by the Lizard.[3]
Toby then found a transdimensional portal and entered Earth-616.[4]
There, he eventually managed to ask for help against the villains' invasion of his reality.[5]
Some time later, Toby relocated to England with his mother and his stepfather.[6]


None, human.

Strength level




  • Marvel 1985 #6 ends with Toby writing Marvel 1985, a comic book memoir about when his world crossed over with the Marvel Universe. This is obliquely referenced in Kick-Ass #4, which contains a scene in which Chris Genovese is shown purchasing a copy of what is implied to be Marvel 1985 after the man selling it mentions that the book is supposedly based on a real-life incident that occurred in 1985 when "the Marvel Universe seeped into ours and all their characters visited this reality."

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