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Quote1.png When our cat died, another kid at school said parents get pets so kids get used to the idea of death. How can you get used to an idea like that? It doesn't make much sense. Quote2.png


Toby Robson resided in New York City, with his family, brother Alex Robson and mother Sophia Robson. On a stormy night, Toby was awakened and came to the window to notice Ikaris, floating outside. Ikaris explained that he was here to protect Toby.[1] Later, after the storm had cleared, Ikaris was invited inside to chat with Toby and his family. Toby learned, although Ikaris was unsure why, that Ikaris was here to protect him with his life if necessary.[2]

While Ikaris was away trying to hunt down a traitor within the Eternal community, Sprite took Ikaris' place in protecting Toby. While accompanying Toby to a park, Sprite protected Toby from a surge of energy that resulted from the damage done to the resurrection machines Eternals used to resurrect themselves after death. Later, Toby died after his life force was used to resurrect Ikaris.[3]

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