The owner of Hunter Technologies, Hunter was betrayed by his wife and her lover Jack Cameron, who conspired against him and gave him for dead, taking control of his company. Hunter survived and developed telekinetic powers. Using a disguise and the nom-de-guerre Lazarus, Hunter sabotaged Hunter Technologies activities. This caused a problem with the Pantheon, a superhero team that bought supplies from HT. When the Pantheon members Hector, Ulysses and Hulk investigated, they found the truth. After Lazarus killed Cameron, Mrs. Hunter surrendered to the police at the Hulk's request.[1]

Lazarus later watched how his son, who had had repeated money troubles, was being harassed by his criminal creditors. Lazarus again fought the Hulk, still on his trail, to avoid any interruption in this issue. Although Lazarus saved his son's life, he rudely insisted the kid should look for a job.[1]

After Civil War

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[2]


Telekinesis: most useful against inaminate objects.

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