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Toad was an American teenager named Todd Tolensky. In the series, he is a member of the Brotherhood and a former classmate of the X-Men. In this incarnation, he shares a rivalry with Nightcrawler.[1]

Once, Toad was depicted as a depressed and suicidal teenager who tried to drive a bus over a cliff, in response to the bullying he received; this effort was halted by Jean Grey.[2]

He was one of the mutants who helped defeat Apocalypse in the series finale.[3]

Powers and Abilities



Thievery: Toad pick-pocketed several people during the Strategy X football game. He has also stolen Nightcrawler's image inducer multiple times.

Physical Strength

A good deal above average in his lower body. His upper body is also quite strong, though not shown to be superhumanly so, as exhibited when he supports his entire body weight in one-handed handstands and other acrobatics.


Toad has no knowledge of hand-to-hand combat. Many people consider Toad to be useless due to his lack of creativity with his powers and his obvious lack of basic fighting skills. A good example of this is how he will simply insult an opponent and forget to look out for a very obvious oncoming attack.


  • Toad's eyes turn red during battle.


  • The original comics version of Toad has the real name of Mortimer Toynbee, but in this series, the name is changed to Todd Tolensky. As with the change to Avalanche's name, this name is phonetically similar to his codename.
  • In "The Toad, The Witch and the Wardrobe", Todd is disgusted when he touches soap, which explains his apparent odor.

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