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Tokkots was a large winged Dark God, who always spoke in rhyme. He was always very bloodthirsty, always wanting to kill anyone he could. Tokkots went to Earth and battled Thor and Spider-Man. Although the two were able to subdue Tokkots, he escaped capture, and brought back to his kind the information that Thor was alive.[1][2]

He subdued Jake Olson and took him before Perrikus. He was killed by Replicus moments before he could slay Odin.[3]



Tokkots was quite tall, with exceptional strength and durability. He could rot things with his touch, and make copies of himself, which apparently all shared one mind. His wings allowed him the power of flight.


Tokkots appeared to be vulnerable to certain sound frequencies, as he was left visibly in pain at the sound of Spider-Man's pager going off while he threatened the wall-crawler.

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