Despite Toltec being classified as an human vigilante, Steve Rogers stated that Thor hypothesized (basing himself on Toltec's name and appearance inspired by Aztec Lore) that he could possibly be an Aztec demigod, or an agent empowered by Tezcatlipoca, god of war and vengeance.[2]


For some unknown period, Toltec has been acting as a vigilante in Mexico City and central-eastern Mexico countryside.[2] Eventually he started targeting members of the Cuiliacan Cartel, and those killings were initially attributed to a rival cartel.[4]

Steve Rogers' interpretation of Policía Federal reports stated Toltec believed he was avenging the poor and disadvantaged Mexicans by slaughtering and dismembering the criminals who would prey upon them. Through his actions, he indeed attained a legendary status among the lower class, but also among the law enforcement agents and criminals alike. Many in the Distrito Federal also believed he was indeed an agent of the Aztec pantheon.[2]

Among his victims were a pack of the cartel who had coincidentally started to chase Jake Lockley and Carmen Alcantara (both having bounties on their heads, instated by Cuiliacan Cartel leader Gilberto Alcantara.[1]

He finally attacked Alcantara's villa, slaughtering all guards (and even the dogs). Alcantara hid in office, until Moon Knight came and defeated his last man. Toltec then revealed himself, hidden on the ceiling. Both vigilantes faced each other, and Moon Knight left Toltec deal with the Cartel boss.[3]

Toltec seems a pretty swift and cruel executioner, cutting his enemies into pieces[4][1][5] (even a dog), the only exception being one man whose both eyes were taken out of his sockets and who was left alive.[3]


He wore gauntlets, a mask, an armor.[3]


He used a blade,[3] but allegedly never guns.[4]

Steve Rogers compared Toltec to be "a vigilante as lethal as the Punisher with the populist appeal of Robin Hood.", and hoped he would keep his activities south of the border.[2]

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