Tom Hawke was a struggling young actor looking to make it big in Hollywood. In the middle of an audition for a part on a daytime soap opera, a strange bolt of blue lightning crashed through the window behind him and struck him. The strange energies mutated Tom's body, increasing his height and muscle mass amazingly. Finding he had also been blessed with superhuman strength and durability, Tom's career took off as a major action movie star. Not long after, Tom met a group of other people who had all been effected by the same strange lightning. Not questioning where it had come from or why THEY had been effected, the group decided to become a superhero team, calling themselves "The Squad", with Tom as their leader, now calling himself "Hardcase".

The Squad had several adventures together and became very close. Tom even struck up a romance with his teammate Linda. Their good fortune came to an end when a monstrous, seemingly invincible robot monster attacked them. The battle left only Tom and Linda alive, with the young woman left in a coma from which she has yet to awaken. Heartbroken and angry, Tom set off on his own, determined to never be part of a team again so he need never feel such loss again.


Seemingly those of Tom Hawke (Earth-93060)#Powers.


Seemingly those of the Tom Hawke (Earth-93060)#Abilities.

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