Dr. Metallus was a engineer for the Sentinel program based in Chicago. He had a hatred of mutants that bordered on fanatical to the point where watched video tapes of mutants being slaughtered by Sentinels. His wife Lisa left him over his perversion, stating that in a good-bye note that he was "no longer the man" she married.[1]

When the mutant group the Morlocks invaded the Sentinel command, the Sentinels tried to attack them but only ended up destroying the base in the crossfire. Metellus managed to stab Postman in the shoulder but was then knocked unconscious by Shatter. When Metallus regained consciousness, he was confronted by Cell who wrapped his body around Metallus and had a Sentinel blast them both, killing Metallus as punishment for the deaths of mutants on his hands, though it resulted in Cell's death as well.[2]

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