Bela was sent by Bryson Bale, along with Fiona and Clive to "recruit" Malon Reeves. During the chase, Clive died, Bela's left hand was burned off by Malon's powers. Both he and Fiona were captured by Marshal.

He was tortured by Marshal for information, this one looking for X, and lose his other hand in the process. His fate was unrevealed but he was probably killed by Marshall or died from his wounds.[citation needed]


Psionic Vampirism: Bela was a mutant with the power to be able to drain life from people.

¨* Given the vampiric nature of his mutant powers, it is likely that his alias, Bela, is a reference to the Hungarian-American actor Bela Lugosi who is well known for playing Count Dracula in the film Dracula from 1931.

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