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Tomazooma is the god of kinship and storytelling of the Manidoog, the Native American gods.[1] He came to be revered primarily by the Keewazi Tribe of Oklahoma.[1]

When the Third Host of Celestials descended upon Earth in 1000 AD, both Tomazooma and Gitche Manitou attended a Council of Godheads meeting as representatives of the Manidoog to discuss the threat.[2]

In modern times, the Red Star Oil Company constructed a robot in the form of Tomazooma to scare the Keewazi Tribe into forfeiting their oil-rich territory in Oklahoma.[3]

Later, this same robot appeared in Carefree, Arizona, where it terrorized local workmen at an oil field. The Tomazooma robot was eventually destroyed following a brief battle with Nova. Captain America suggested that the Roxxon Energy Corporation had sent Tomazooma in order to scare locals into negotiating a land deal.[4]

Tomazooma at the Council of Godheads

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