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Quote1.png You'd think that someone in a city as large as Boston would believe he was a vampire... I'd even settle for a succubus -- or a guy with sharp canines. Quote2.png
Harold H. Harold

Appearing in "The Vampire Is Coming! The Vampire Is Coming!"

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Synopsis for "The Vampire Is Coming! The Vampire Is Coming!"

A weakened Dracula strolls through the streets of Boston attracting stares from several pedestrians. Although he has lost significant power due to the actions of Doctor Sun, he is still far stronger than a normal human, and he brutally attacks a man for staring at him.

Meanwhile, hack horror writer Harold H. Harold sits in his apartment, struggling to overcome the writer's block that has overwhelmed him for the past three years. He goes to the publishing office of "True Vampire Stories" to see his editor, Mister Greadely. Greadely is agitated that Harold hasn't submitted any new vampire stories. Harold tells him that he has an interview lined up with an actual vampire. Greadely is temporarily satisfied and sends Harold on his way. Harold is even more uptight now, because he just lied about having an interview with a vampire.

Elsewhere in the city, a man named Juno enters a secret passageway in an alley that leads into an underground chamber. The voice of his master, Doctor Sun, fills the air, and asks him if he is ready to do battle with Dracula. Juno unsheathes a bladed forearm and smashes the side of the wall as a demonstration of his strength. He concludes by affirming, "I am ready... for battle!"

Dracula meanwhile, finds two cyclists and attacks them. He drinks their blood, but he is still extremely weak and falls over. As luck would have it, Harold H. Harold is driving by and finds the burning remains of the motorcycle. Suspecting that Dracula might be an injured victim, he drags him into his car and brings him back to his apartment. When he returns, he realizes that the unconscious Dracula is in fact a true vampire. He telephones Greadely's secretary, Aurora Rabinowitz, and asks her to come over. Suddenly, Dracula begins to rise.

In Brazil, Brother Voodoo concludes his association with Frank Drake. He tells him that he now has the skills to needed to successfully combat zombies. Frank attributes his recent fighting prowess to Daniel Drumm (Voodoo's ghostly sibling who took possession of Frank for a short time). Brother Voodoo summons a fog that teleports Frank back to the United States. He arrives at the airport where he reunites with Quincy Harker and Rachel van Helsing.


  • First and only appearance of Janet Golin and Stu Summers, two cyclists.


  • This issue includes Marvel Value Stamp #12, Daredevil.
  • The title to this issue is a play on words and refers to the infamous Revolutionary War quote, "The British are coming! The British are coming!" The quote is attributed to Paul Revere who reputedly ran through the streets of Boston alerting citizens of the advance of the British navy.
  • Although this issue mentions an interview with a vampire multiple times, this is not a reference to Ann Rice's novel "Interview with the Vampire". The novel would be first published six months after this issue.

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