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Continued from last issue...

Dr. Sun has Quincy Harker, Frank Drake, and Rachel van Helsing as his prisoners and had his minion Juno bring Dracula to him for a final battle. Dr. Sun boasts that he will finally destroy Dracula and take his place as king of the vampires, he then orders Juno to prepare to battle on his behalf. Not far away, Harold H. Harold and Aurora Rabinowitz, on their way to try and help out Dracula manage to track down Dr. Sun's home.

Inside, Juno has prepared for combat, wearing a outfit that tips his feet with silver stakes similar to the one that he has in place of his left hand. Juno then attacks Dracula, slicing the vampires arm and drawing first blood. Dracula finds his blows just barely stagger his opponent, who's superior fighting skills and silver stakes give him the upper hand.

Even though he is in a weakened condition, Dracula manages to over power Juno and beat him into submission. However this victory proves to be short lived when Harold and Aurora burst in. Their sudden appearance distracts Dracula long enough for Juno to ride up and ram his silver stake right into the vampire lord's heart. Dracula withers away into a skeleton and falls to the floor dead. Aurora and Harold rush to try and pull the stake from Dracula's corpse however they are easily subdued by Juno who then pulls out a flame thrower and incinerates Dracula's remains.

With Dracula completely destroyed, Dr. Sun orders Juno to lock up the others in a prepared room and place Dracula's ashes in an urn while Sun begins preparations to take over the world as the new king of the vampires. In their quarters Aurora begins to cry over Dracula's death and confesses that she loves the vampire lord. Rachel tries to explain to Aurora that she is just another victim of Dracula's hypnotic power over women, but this does not change Aurora's opinion. Quincy and the others decide that they must pool their resources to stop Dr. Sun as he is a worse evil than Dracula ever could have been. Rachel pulls out one of her barrettes that can convert into a crucifix and they use it to pick the lock to escape the room.

They manage to get past Sun's guards and escape in Harold's car, however their escape was planned by Dr. Sun who anticipates that Harker and the others will go to the US military for help. Spying on the vampire hunters, Sun learns that Harker is doing just that, and playing right into Sun's hands as he intends to use his newly acquired hypnotic powers to tun the soldiers who come into his slaves.

This story is continued next issue...

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