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Synopsis for "Nightmares of a Living Deadman!"

Continued from last issue...

Aurora Rabinowitz has a nightmare about Dracula's death at the hands of Juno, and awakes screaming, bringing Harold, Frank and Rachel van Helsing running to her bedside. After establishing that Aurora was only having a nightmare about Dracula, the men are sent away as Rachel has a talk with Aurora about Dracula's influence over women. Rachel relates to Aurora of her sixteenth birthday when Dracula attempted to seduce her, and she was narrowly saved by Quincy Harker. However, after explaining that Rachel's willingness to give into Dracula back then was due to his hypnotic power over her. One the tale is over, Aurora explains that Dracula never hypnotized her and that her feelings are genuine.

The next morning, Harker and his vampire hunters are called to the military base where General Coder tells them that despite his reservations about engaging in military action in Boston, he has been given orders to deploy troops to stop Dr. Sun. Unknown to all, Dr. Sun has used his own influences within the military to push this action through in a plot to use his newly acquired hypnotic powers to take control of the military officials who try and attack his home.

When they approach Sun's hideout, Doctor Sun unleashes an audio signal that puts all the soldiers under his control. Unaffected, Quincy, Frank, Rachel, Howard and Aurora fight their way through the enslaved soldiers and escape to safety. Returning to Harold's apartment the group begin to consider the fact that even though Dracula is dead, they are stuck facing a foe that is even worse than Dracula ever was and that it appears that they are powerless against Doctor Sun.

Although Quincy and Rachel reflect on how their families were destroyed by Dracula, the group decide that he is the only force that could possibly stop Doctor Sun and they all agree to break into Sun's hideout and steal Dracula's ashes. Frank and Rachel decide to go together, and Aurora guilts Harold into going along with them.

Despite Harold's bungling, they manage to break into Sun's base and make it to the control room. However, Sun was aware of the intrusion the moment they entered his home and sicks a guard on them. Frank easily dispatches the guard, and when Juno arrives Rachel kills him by firing an arrow into his chest. In the meantime, Harold manages to steal Dracula's ashes even though he trips over his own feet, and the trio manage to escape without facing Dr. Sun's wrath.

Back at Harold's apartment, the group of vampire hunters gaze at the ashes of their mortal enemy, and realizing that in order to save the world they have to resurrect their greatest enemy.

This story is continued next issue...

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