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Continued from last issue...

With no other choice, but to resurrect Dracula so that he can defeat the greater threat of Doctor Sun, the vampire hunters go through Harold H. Harold's extensive collection of vampire literature to try and find a way to resurrect Dracula. Their search is fruitless however, but Dracula is ultimately resurrected when the legitimate tears of Aurora Rabinowitz drop into the dead vampires ashes causing him to be instantly reborn.

With the vampire king back to life and at his full strength, Dracula is told by his mortal enemies that they resurrected him in the hopes that he will destroy Doctor Sun. Dracula agrees, however he needs to feed once more. Refusing Harold's offer of the stolen blood in his fridge, Dracula flies off in bat form to seek out a fresh victim, mocking his foes that the cost of destroying Dr. Sun would come at the price of an innocent girl who would be Dracula's next victim.

When Dracula finds a suitable young woman he feeds upon her, he is attacked by Blade who has also come to Boston tracking down the vampire who killed his mother. Blade is easily stopped in his tracks by Dracula who demands that Blade accompany him back to Harold's home to meet with Quincy Harker.

There, Blade is brought up to speed on the situation, and Blade explains to the others that the murder crimes he's wanted for was a frame up by a coven of vampires. Dracula insists that he had nothing to do with it, and that the coven is acting on their own. The discussion becomes heated when Blade cannot believe that Harker and his bunch would revive Dracula, and tells Aurora that Dracula would kill her in a moment and cares nothing about her love. Blade finishes by telling them he has no interest in getting involved with their battle with Dr. Sun as he came to destroy the vampire who killed his mother and departs on bad terms. When Aurora asks Dracula if he would ever kill her, he assures her that he will not so long as she continues to amuse him.

With Blade gone, Dracula learns that Rachel and the others had succeeded in killing Juno and then departs to face off against Dr. Sun. Unknown to Dracula, Blade has decided to follow and watch Dracula in action to make sure that the vampire lord doesn't cause Harker and the others trouble.

Detecting Dracula's presence on his property, Dr. Sun sends up the military soldiers under his control to stop him. As expected, Dracula proves to be too powerful for the soldiers to handle and many of them die at his hands, including one soldier he uses his hypnotic will power to force to commit suicide. As Dracula fights his way down to Dr. Sun's control room, Blade heads down himself, all be it much more covertly than Dracula.

When Dracula arrives in Dr. Sun's lab, the Doctor attempts to blast him with his powerful mental bolts but misses. Just before the final battle can begin, Blade reveals himself and tells Dracula that he's here to help him destroy Dr. Sun.

This story is continued next issue...

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