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Synopsis for "Let Us Be Wed in Unholy Matrimony"

In the deconsecrated church taken over by Dracula, Satanist leader Anton Lupeski performs a Satanic wedding between Dracula (whom the Lupeski and his followers believe to be Satan himself) and Domini one of Lupeski's most loyal followers who had been offered up to be the bride of Satan. As the ceremony carries on, all are oblivious to the sight of the oil painting of Jesus Christ (the only religious symbol left in the damned church) shedding a single tear as Dracula and Domini are wed by mixing of blood.

Elsewhere at the head office of American Chemron Industries, a chemical company that has been dumping chemical waste into Boston Harbor, Windom an employee confronts his boss Mr. Slammerkin about the environmental impact their company is making. When Windom demands that the company stop polluting the water in the city, Slammerkin instead shoots Windom in cold blood. Consulting to his fellow board members, Slammerkin tells him that the murder had to be done because any environmental assessment initiated from Windom's demands would cut into their profits.

His fellow board members would then decide to dispose of Windom's body and they all take part in carrying it to an acid filled disposal pipe, believing the acid would destroy the body. However, by some strange twist of fate Windom's body is not destroyed. However all it's face is wiped clean and the body reanimated, and Windom rises from the waters seeking to get revenge on those who were responsible for his death.

Meanwhile, Blade and Hannibal King continue their hunt for Deacon Frost, the man responsible for killing Blade's mother and turning Hannibal King into a vampire. With information gained from a vampirized grave digger, the two head to the location the now-dead vampire provided them. Along the way they wonder how Frost intends to take over the world with a duplicate of Blade.

Back at Dracula's church, the vampire lord announces to all gathered that he will make a son for them all to worship and tells them all that this child will be born on the twenty-fifth day of the twelfth month. Domini would agree to birthing this child and Dracula partially transforms into his bat form so that he may carry off his bride to consummate their marriage.

As they fly off into the night sky, Windam -- the Faceless Man -- tracks down his first victim, Jack, the Chemron employee who suggested that they dump Windam's body in the acid disposal. The Faceless man bursts through the door while Jack's wife is in the shower and kills him. In the process Windam takes Jack's eye, literally absorbing it into his body making Jack's eye appear on his face. Windam steals some of Jack's close and leaves Jack's body to be found by his wife.

As Windam continues stalking his other victims, Dracula brings his bride to the former home of Doctor Sun. However, before they consummate their marriage, Dracula needs to go out and feed once more. He goes out into the city and begins stalking women to find the idea victim. It turns out to be the woman named Jean, another implicated in the murder of Windham. While Dracula hunts, Windam finds his next victim Fred Anderson who has made his regular visit to a health spa. There Windam kills Anderson and takes his right eye to add to his mostly blank face. Windam's next victim is Eli Harris, who is returning from a party with his wife Dolores. The Faceless Man takes Eli's mouth.

Jean arrives at the home of Wallace Slammerkin and as they share a kiss, Dracula appears at the window and hypnotizes Jean and orders her to invite him in. When Dracula enters the room, Slammerkin attempts to kill the vampire lord with a gun, but to no effect. Before Dracula can kill Slammerkin they are interrupted by Windam who demands Dracula leave his victims alone, he then kills Jean, taking her nose.

Dracula refuses to be ordered around, however the Faceless Man manages to over power Dracula and tosses the vampire out the window. When Dracula comes back, he arrives just as the Faceless Man has succeeded in taking Slammerkin's hair and heart. Before Dracula can get revenge against Windam for killing his evening meal, Windam begins to melt. The Faceless Man realizes just before his final death that vengeance never accomplishes anything.

With Windam now dead as well, Dracula himself is denied his own desire for revenge and is left even more furious than before.

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