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In Dracula's church, his new bridge Domini notices that Dracula has a longing look on his face. Expressing her concern for her new husband, Dracula explains his 500 years of life, his second wife Maria and his subsequent transformation into a vampire by the gypsy vampire Lianda. He explains that even after all this time he still seeks to conquer the entire world, and that through his bond with Lupeski's Satanists and his marriage to Domini he is but one step closer to his goals.

Elsewhere, Blade and Hannibal King take a break from hunting Deacon Frost so that Blade can be reunited with his lover Safron, who has just arrived to Boston from London. Harold H. Harold also finally manages to get a date with Aurora Rabinowitz. Not everyone's romances are going well however, as at a park Rachel van Helsing has a serious conversation with Frank Drake about his attitude since rejoining the vampire hunters in America. She tells him that she doesn't like his attitude since he's gone from being concerned about the group to having a devil-may-care macho attitude. When Frank tries to change the subject by kissing her, she pushes him away and tells him to leave her alone until he changes his attitude and leaves.

While back at Dracula's church, Lupeski and his minions begin the mystical ceremony that will allow Dracula to impregnate Domini so that she can give birth to his child. As the ceremony is taking place, a man armed with a shot gun kills one of Lupeski's followers at the door and takes his costume to get closer to the ceremony. As it's completed, the man shoots a number of Anton's other followers and attempts to interrupt the ceremony. It ends before he has a chance and Dracula grabs their attacker revealing his face. Domini is shocked to see that it is her own father who has come to take her home. Anton stops her from getting in the middle of things and implies that he knows the truth about Dracula. Dracula meanwhile kills Domini's father as he makes a final prayer before the oil painting of Jesus that is still in the church.

With her father dead, Domini is easily to forgive Dracula for killing him. Looking upon the oil painting she is suddenly happy and tells Dracula to bring her home as the ceremony is completed. Dracula does so, taking her back to the former home of Doctor Sun where Dracula boasts about the eventual birth of his son on the twenty fifth of December.

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