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Anton Lupeski seeks an audience with Dracula to express his worries about the cult's financial future, however Dracula allays these worries assuring him that while their cult is slow growing, he has influences with many people of wealth that can fund their enterprises. Dracula then leaves to go spend time with his wife, as Lupeski watched Dracula fly away, he muses about how Dracula is playing right into his hands and he is preparing to destroy the vampire. When Dracula arrives at his home and greets his wife, both are shocked when some unseen force teleports Dracula away.

Meanwhile in a nearby apartment, Blade fights his vampire doppelganger, and is shocked to find that the two are beginning to fuse together upon physical contact. Hannibal King tries to rush to Blade's rescue, however he is too late to stop the merging from completing. With the vampire doppelganger in full control of their unified body, it sets it's sites on King and prepares to attack.

Vlad Dracula (Earth-616) from Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 49 001

While elsewhere in a mansion a woman named Angie Turner, who has the ability to bring fictional characters to life and brought together the Frankenstein's Monster, D'Artagnan, Tom Sawyer, and Injun Joe together to live with her. Her next effort causes her a great deal of effort and a little pain, but she manages to summon Dracula to her presence. However instead of summoning the fictional character in Bram Stoker's novel, she instead brings the real Dracula who is confused to find himself around an assemblage of fictional characters. However, Angie is most impressed as of them all she loves Dracula the best.

Meanwhile, Frank Drake and Harold H. Harold go to the home of Anton Lupeski, their only lead on finding Dracula. Breaking into the Satanists home they begin spying on a Satanic ceremony that is being carried out. However, Anton Lupeski spots them and sicks his followers on them, however Drake refuses to go down without a fight. As he and Harold defend themselves, outside Rachel van Helsing -- who has secretly been following Frank to make sure he doesn't get into trouble -- arrives on the scene.

Robin Hood (Earth-TRN388) from Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 49 001

Robin Hood

While back in Angie Turner's manor, Dracula realizes that Angie had summoned him and other fictional characters and that she has a love for Bram Stoker's novel. Dracula shows her utter contempt toward her love of Stoker's "inferior" adaptation of his diaries, and knocks the woman aside. This prompts the other fictional characters to come to her aid, Dracula finding it easy to fight them off. Even when she summons Robin Hood and Zorro to help stop the fight, Dracula is still the superior over them.

Realizing that Dracula in real life is nothing like her beloved character she tosses her copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula into the fireplace, which surprisingly causes Dracula to be painfully sent back to where he came from, appearing before his worried wife once more.

As it would turn out, the manor wasn't a real place at all, and that Angie is a mental patient who has been locked in a padded room ever since the death of her husband and child drove her insane. With the banishment of Dracula from her fantasy world she would let out a scream prompting nurses to check on her and see that she is all right. All is well indeed for Angie, for in her own little fantasy world she lives happily with the fictional characters she has come to love.


  • Although Frankenstein's Monster really exists in the Earth-616 universe, the monster featured in this story is actually a construct based on Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.
  • Similarly, the Robin Hood in this story is a construct based on the various fictional stories about Robin Hood, and not one of the several Robin Hoods who existed on Earth-616 (see Robert Locksley (Earth-616) for more explanation).

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