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Quote1 No, Surfer-- the vampire lord doesn't waste his time fighting fools! Quote2

Appearing in "Where Soars The Silver Surfer!"

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Synopsis for "Where Soars The Silver Surfer!"

Dracula goes out into the night to seek another fresh victim, however before he can finish feeding he is attacked by a mob of people coming to save his victim. Dracula easily beats them back, but doesn't wish to waste his power on mere humans and flees into the night.

Meanwile, Anton Lupeski meets with four of his fellow Satanists at his home, where they agree that now that Domini is impregnated with Dracula's child, they no longer require the vampire lord and begin plotting his death.

Elsewhere, the Blade Doppelganger attacks Hannibal King, and despite his savage fury, is easily fought off by King who stabs the faux-Blade in the chest with one of his own wooden daggers, sending the imitator out a window, allowing Hannibal to escape.

While on Three Ridges, Lupeski's minions cast a spell to summon the Silver Surfer, the being they hope to manipulate into destroying Dracula. The Surfer is soaring the sky following a fruitless trip to Latveria to search for his lost love Shalla-Bal. Along the way he is fired upon by humans on the ground and decides to teach them a lesson. However, before he can do so, he is teleported away to Three Ridges instead.

While the Surfer is incapacited after the mystical teleportation, the knowledge of Dracula's existence and his need to consume the blood of innocent victims to survive, is implanted into his mind, along with a subliminal command to destroy Dracula.

Meanwhile, Dracula and his wife Domini have returned to vampire lord's church where they allow for their followers to make offerings to Dracula. Domini tells Dracula that she knows their child will grow up healthy and strong, when Dracula inquires how she could know, she states that she received the "word" that he would. Dracula is oblivious to the fact that Domini is looking at the oil painting of Jesus Christ as she says this.

By this time, the Silver Surfer has revived and with the implanted memories about Dracula, decides that it is up to him to end the creature's abominable life. Arriving at the church and materializing out of the oil painting, the Surfer attacks Dracula.

Reminded of his wife Maria's life ending at the hands of Truac, the furious Dracula stops the Surfer's attack quickly. Both agreeing that they should take their battle outside where Domini cannot be harmed as a result of their actions.

Soon, the fight resumes, and while the Surfer commands the Power Cosmic, Dracula's supernatural powers make him a difficult target to defeat. Dracula soon unleashes an army of rats upon the Surfer.

Trying one final assault on the Dracula, the Surfer fails to harm Dracula who has changed into his mist form and is able to sneak up on the Surfer. Having been bested in battle, the Surfer agrees to fight another day and Dracula departs.

At the home of Anton Lupeski, Frank Drake and Harold H. Harold are brought before the Satanic cult's leader. Lupeski decides to keep the men as his prisoners. However, before anything else can be done, Rachel van Helsing enters the room having come to save her comrades.

The Silver Surfer meanwhile has realized that he battled Dracula without previously knowing of his existence until this day and wonders if the vampire lord did not manipulate him. Returning to Dracula's church, the Surfer attempts to attack him again but is stopped by Domini.

Recognizing Domini's natural goodness, the Surfer wonders why she protects such a horrible creature. She tells him that she knows how everything will end, the Surfer notices the oil painting of Jesus reflecting in Domini's eyes, and turns to look at the painting itself. The Surfer decides to take her word for it and departs. When Dracula inquires what the Surfer saw in her eyes, and Domini tells him that it was the future, and it was good.

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