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Continued from last issue...

Rachel van Helsing has come to the home of Anton Lupeski to save Frank Drake and Harold H. Harold from the clutches of Lupeski's Satanic cult. As she attempts to do so, Dracula arrives to see what the commotion is and Rachel manages to strike him with an arrow. Although it strikes true, it doesn't pierce into Dracula hard enough to kill him. In extreme pain, Dracula allows the three vampire hunters to leave. Dracula asks Lupeski to pull the arrow out, and Lupeski realizing that he has no choice because it would reveal to his followers that Dracula is really a vampire and not Satan (which would work contrary to his plans) pulls the arrow out, saving Dracula's life. When the vampire hunters return home they find Quincy Harker has collapsed due to his heart condition and call him an ambulance.

While the vampire hunters are tending to their leader, Dracula and his wife Domini throw a party in an attempt to gain followers among the wealthy and elite. Dracula puts on a display of his powers, and when one woman calls out their Satanic Cults evil intent, he uses his hypnotic powers on the crowd to convince them to join his cause. While mingling with the crowd, Dracula swears that he sees someone that he encountered long ago, but when he chases the shadowy figure he finds nothing there. Dracula simply dismisses the notion that it was the person he thought it was, while Lupeski takes note of the fact that there is someone that exists that can put the fear into Dracula.

Not far away, Hannibal King is still fleeing from the vampire doppelganger of Blade and their fight crashes into Dracula's party. Deacon Frost is among the crowd and he watches eagerly as this is all part of his on going plan. Furious of Blade's interruption of his party Dracula attacks and is shocked to find his long time vampire hunter foe is now a vampire himself. As the battle rages, Anton takes Domini, already visibly pregnant somewhere safe.

While at the hospital, Frank and Rachel get into an argument over Rachel's outward emotions toward Quincy's condition. However, as the two argue it becomes apparent that they are really talking about their feelings toward one another and how their changes in personality of late (Frank's brazen attitude and Rachel's emotionlessness) and the two decide to bury their differences and make up with a kiss.

Back at the party, as Dracula and the Blade doppelganger battle on, Hannibal King spots Deacon Frost and chases him around the banquette hall of the party. However, before Hannibal can capture his foe, Frost turns into bat form and escapes into the night sky, leaving Hannibal to wonder what to do next. Dracula and the faux-Blade's fight procures them wooden stakes from smashed furniture and the two duel with them, Blade manages to impale Dracula in the chest but not hard enough to kill him. Upstairs in one of the bedrooms, Anton Lupeski reveals to Domini that he knows that Dracula is not Satan, but a vampire and asks for her help in destroying him as he views Dracula as a hindrance to his Satanic Cult. Domini in turn reveals that she knows all about the truth, and regardless of the facts she warns Lupeski that she is loyal to her husband and will see to it that no harm is done to him.

While downstairs, Blade appears to have the upper hand when he stabs Dracula in the back with one of his wooden daggers. However, Dracula turns around, and mocking the fake Blade's inferior skill to the original impales the vampire doppelganger in the chest with a stake killing him.

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