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With the death of the Blade doppelganger, Blade's friends believe that Blade himself is dead as well and have the body buried in a nearby cemetery. As the men bury the body, Rachel van Helsing tries to console Blade's girlfriend Safron, while Hannibal King tells Harold how Blade had died. After they leave, Blade's grave is visited by Dracula who has come to mock his opponent.

While there, Dracula spots the being whom he saw earlier at the party thrown for him by Anton Lupeski. He demands that the being reveal who he is, but gets no answer. Dracula departs the scene wondering why this being would reappear in his life after all these years and thinks back to their previous encounters:

The first time was centuries ago when Dracula ruled a province in Spain and had ambitions to take over the entire country by killing it's king. Dracula would eventually flee the province when this strange figure would visit him as he is about to execute an accused spy. They would cross paths again in 1870 when Dracula attempted to lead a vampire invasion of Vienna, which would also end in Dracula calling a retreat.

His recollection done, Dracula wonders why he felt compelled to retreat and he is shaken by these thoughts. Not wishing his wife to see him like this, Dracula would decide to spend his time examining humans to by taking in a movie. Forcing the ticket girl to give him a ticket to see a film adaptation of Dracula, the vampire lord finds being among the humans intolerable. After witnessing the stranger having followed him to the theater, the increasingly agitated Dracula would kill a woman in the theater when she scolds him for bring rude to a child, causing everyone to flee.

The stranger then confronts Dracula and reveals his true face, that old a golden skinned male. The golden being tells Dracula that his mission to stop Dracula will take longer than his previous encounters, and as a show of power reveals his eyes. They illuminate a powerful light that sends Dracula reeling backwards into the movie screen. The golden one tells Dracula that his masters have decreed that the vampire must be destroyed. Assuming that the being was sent by Satan, Dracula accepts the challenge, boasting over how he believes that Satan has always been afraid of him.

The two battle on, with the golden one's superior power giving him the upper hand. Their fight takes them to a near by carnival where the golden one hopes to defeat Dracula publicly before the humans that Dracula has nothing but contempt toward. As the fight rages on, elsewhere Hannibal King visits with the grieving Safron and tells her that he got an idea that just dawned upon him.

As Dracula continues to battle this golden being, he realizes that it will take more than just strength to defeat his attacker, and so he uses his hypnotic powers to make the viewing crowd begin to fight each other to the death. Wanting to stop this madness, the golden one uses his powers to stop the senseless fighting. While the golden one is distracted, Dracula manages to sneak up being him and impale him in the back with a piece of metal.

As the golden man begins to die, he corrects Dracula's assertion that he is a demon from Hell, telling the vampire lord that he works for a higher power than that. Dracula begins to realize who just as the soul of the dead man rises from his body and flies off. Dracula chases after it and finds that it is leading him back to the church he has taken over. Arriving there, he finds nobody but Domini within. Dracula notices that the eyes on the oil painting of Jesus Christ are glowing with the same light that came from his attackers eyes, and screams in frustration.


  • In this issue Safron is incorrectly named Safron DeVille, her last name is really Caulder.

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