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Synopsis for "The Final Glory of Deacon Frost"

Hannibal King has sought out Daimon Hallstrom to help him resurrect Blade from the dead, finding that there could be a way to restore the vampire hunter back to normal. Digging up Blade's grave, the two men remove the stake that has been rammed through the doppelganger's heart. Changing into his Son of Satan form, Hellstrom casts a spell that separates Blade from his doppelganger who has been resurrected as soon as the stake is removed from his heart. Before the evil doppelganger can do any more evil, Hannibal once more rams the stake into the impostors chest. With Blade resurrected, the duo thank the Son of Satan for his assistance.

While elsewhere, Dracula bids good night to his wife before going out to find a fresh victim to feed upon. He initially chooses a woman, however when he sees that she has a child he refrains from killing her. He instead opts to feed off of a lone man walking by himself.

Blade reunites with Saffron and the two share a brief reunion before Blade and Hannibal go to Deacon Frost's hideout to deal with him once and for all. Arriving at Frost's lair, Hannibal King explains to Blade what he's learned about Deacon Frost's past: That he was a brilliant chemist who lived in Germany. In the year 1868 he had developed a serum from a dead vampire that once injected into a person would turn them into a vampire as well. Experimenting on a dead girl named Ilsa, Deacon would be attacked by her husband and in the struggle Frost would accidentally be injected with his own serum, turning him into a vampire. Hannibal's research showed that Deacon Frost had additional powers that most conventional vampires did not, such as the ability to create doppelgangers.

Just then, Frost would enter the room with an army of doppelgangers fashioned after both Blade and Hannibal King. Blade and Hannibal would destroy all their doppelgangers despite the fact that they are greatly outnumbered. With the battle over, Deacon Frost would retreat further into his lair with the two vengeful men following after him. Trapping Deacon Frost in his lab, the desperate vampire threatens to throw a jar of a lethal fungus as the two men. This doesn't stop Blade from throwing two wooden daggers at Frost, causing the vampire to reel back into some machines. The machine would explode, killing Deacon Frost. Blade and Hannibal would then flee the scene and barely manage to escape before Frost's lair explodes.

Later, after Blade has regrouped with his fellow vampire hunters, he meets with Hannibal King one last time. With their revenge complete both men feel that they can move on to the next chapter of their lives. Hannibal says his goodbyes to his new found friends before leaving on a bus.


  • Cover art modifications by Severin.

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