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Synopsis for "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"

It is Christmas Eve, and Dracula's bride Domini is due to give birth to their son at any moment. Returning home to her, she requests that Dracula bring her to the church that he has commandeered. However, Dracula has his reservations about doing so due to the oil painting of Jesus Christ in the church that he is unable to remove. However, Domini convinces him that because the mystical ceremony that impregnated her happened at the church, then the birthing of the child must happen there as well. Dracula reluctantly agrees and when Anton Lupeski interrupts them, Dracula orders him to help transport his wife to the dark church.

While at a nearby hospital where Quincy Harker is recovering from his last heart attack the vampire hunters compare notes about what they know about Dracula. Their sources tell them, although hard to believe, that Dracula has a wife who is about to give birth to a child they all agree that Dracula must be destroyed. As Dracula and and Domini prepare for the birthing of their son, Rachel van Helsing leads the other vampire hunters to believe that she is going out for supplied. In reality she is really going after Dracula alone, and catches Anton Lupeski and demands that he take her to Dracula immediately. While back with the others, Frank realizes Rachel has been gone for too long and deduces that she went after Dracula alone. Rachel manages to "force" the location of Dracula out of Lupeski (who in reality is willingly giving her the information in the hopes of having Dracula destroyed so that he can continue his own agenda for his Church of the Unholy.) Rachel calls the others and gives them the location and goes there by herself.

Arriving at the church before the others, she would attempt to attack Dracula by herself and end up getting knocked out for her trouble. Ironically, Dracula would order Lupeski to tie her up before assisting with the birth. Dracula is completely oblivious to the fact that Lupeski has left van Helsing tied up with her crossbow in easy reach. She manages to use it to smash open a window and send out a signal flair to get the others to come to her aid. Frank, Blade, and Harold arrive shortly thereafter and help free Rachel. While elsewhere in the church Domini begins to give birth with the aid of Dracula and Lupeski.

As Domini enters the final throws of child birth, the vampire hunters burst in prompting Dracula to defend himself. Dracula fights off the vampire hunters with relative ease until Domini gives birth to her child, a strange boy with gold skin, red eyes and pointed ears. With the first cries, the battle stops, and Domini orders that everyone stop fighting and leave peacefully. Surprisingly, Dracula lets the vampire hunters leave and in turn they allowed Dracula, Lupeski and Domini leave with the child. Rachel later tells the others that she wanted to stop Dracula, but couldn't bring herself to do it.

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