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Appearing in "Requiem for a Vampire!"

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Synopsis for "Requiem for a Vampire!"

As a howling winter storm rages across Boston, Dracula prepares to address his followers in the Church of the Damned. However, he is called to take pause when Domini asks him to have a look at their newly born son. The two contemplate his golden skin and blood red eyes, and Dracula pauses to wonder if the golden skin has anything to do with his adversary but dismisses the idea. They are visited by Anton Lupeski, who has come to see his master about preparations for Dracula's address to the Church of the Damned. Dracula reveals to Lupeski that he has no interest in the Satanic cult's original agenda and advises Lupeski that he is taking over the church to pursue his own ends of world domination. Dracula then sends Lupeski off to gather the others. Although appearing to be obedient, Anton Lupeski is plotting to eliminate Dracula so that he can once more regain control of his cult.

While at home of the vampire hunters, Frank, Rachel and Aurora come to visit the still recovering Quincy Harker. They discuss their last encounter with Dracula and how they found that some force prevented them from killing Dracula during that battle. They then consider their next move against Dracula, unable to simply destroy the church because it's legally owned by Lupeski who may attempt to slap them with a lawsuit if they try any drastic measures.

While back at the Church of the Damned, Dracula and Domini have Anton Lupeski introduce their followers to their child, whom they have named Janus after the month of January and the coming of their new order. Lupeski tries to manipulate the crowd into believing that Janus is the most important thing to the group and downplay Dracula's importance. Recognizing what Lupeski is trying to do, Dracula takes control of the meeting and reasserts his command. This angers Lupeski who vows to himself that he will see Dracula destroyed. As the ceremony continues, one of the people in attendance slips out, and as it turns out it is Harold H. Harold who had been sent in to spy on Dracula by Rachel and Frank, Harold reports to them of the obvious rift between Lupeski and Dracula.

Later that night, Dracula and Domini spend their evening with their son Janus, and Dracula speaks with pride about his new male heir, but also expresses the difficulty he's had trying to love the boy and his mother. Domini would explain her strained relationship with her father, and how it led to her joining Anton Lupeski's cult. How she had gotten so low that she was a mindless zombie that was submissive to Lupeski's will, until Dracula came into her life and gave her a reason to live once again. She tells Dracula that she loves him, and they share an embrace before Dracula goes out on his nightly feeding.

Elsewhere in the church, Anton Lupeski is preparing to make silver bullets to kill Dracula, unaware that Dracula has one of his loyal vampires spy on Lupeski. Confirming Dracula's original suspicions that Lupeski intends to betray him, the vampire goes to Dracula's home but finds only Domini.

Being told the information, Domini would travel out to Lupeski's home with Janus and confront the Satanist with his plot. While Dracula returns home, he ponders his recent quarrels with Lupeski and his battle with the golden angel and finds nothing but questions. However, considering it all, Dracula finds that he is happy with his wife and child and recognizes that he finally knows the feeling of contentment once more.


  • Appears in the movie Trinity at the 41:53 mark.

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