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  • Lorraine (Only appearance)[1]
  • Symbiotic Vampire (Only appearance; dies)[1]

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Synopsis for "Undead by Daylight!"

Blade confides in his girlfriend Safron that he doesn't know what to do now that Deacon Frost, the vampire who killed his mother, has now been destroyed. Even with his quest over, Blade explains that all he is really good at is killing vampires. Safron cuts in to say to Blade that she needs to tell him something.

While not far away at the Boston General Hospital, a man named Musenda has his wife Lorraine brought in because she has been turned into a vampire with a strange twist: by night she is normal, but by day she grows fangs and becomes much like a vampire. Finding the case interesting, the doctor calls in the local expert, Rachel van Helsing to look into Lorraine's condition. During the examination, Musenda reveals that he has had an encounter with Dracula in the past when he was a vampire hunter with Blade. Shocked to learn this, Rachel tells Musenda that Blade is in town and gives him Blade's address.

The two vampire hunters are reunited, and Blade agrees to go with Musenda back to the hospital to look at Lorraine. When they arrive they find that Lorraine has broken free and killed the doctor. Blade jumps in to attack. When the moon rises, Lorraine converts back to normal and passes out. With the threat over, Rachel theorizes that somehow, Lorraine is linked to a real vampire, and that when that vampire rests during the day it in turn transforms her into a vampire that walks in the day. Rachel suggests that the only possible way to save Lorraine is to kill the vampire that she is bonded to.

After getting a device that tracks bats from Quincy Harker, Blade tests it out and finds that it actually works. The next day just before dawn, Blade and Musenda decide to allow Lorraine to wander freely so that they might track her, hoping that she would lead them to the vampire that is linked to her. When she changes into a bat, Blade and Musenda uses Quincy's device and track her on a motorcycle. Chasing her to a water-side road, the two trackers are forced off the road by a car that is hogging the road.

After pulling themselves out of the water and returning to Blade's apartment, they begin to consider where Lorraine may have gone after they lost her. Blade gets an idea and the two men return to the scene where they lost Lorraine. Out at sea they spot a lighthouse and the two men swim to it's location. Venturing inside, Blade is attacked by Lorraine and accidentally stabs her in the heart with his wooden dagger, killing her. Reminding Musenda that a vampire is instantly brought back to life when the stake is removed, they take her back to Safron's home, and just before nightfall they pull the wooden dagger from Lorraine's heart. She is restored to life and then reverts back into her human form.

Blade theorizes that the vampire who has been manipulating her would not appreciate the interference and that theory stands correct when the vampire in questions arrives to kill them. The vampire arrives and vows to get revenge against Blade for his interference by turning Safron into a vampire. Threatening Blade's girlfriend proves to be the worst threat the vampire could make, as Blade quickly kills it by driving a wooden dagger through it's heart causing it to crumble to dust. With the vampire destroyed, Lorraine is restored to normal with no memory of what happened.


  • It is interesting to note that while Lorraine is staked by Blade, she simply retains her living form, like many other vampires in her position, however when Blade stakes the vampire who has a symbiosis with her, he crumbles to dust for no explainable reason.

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