Quote1 Dracula returned to mist... it went through my husband, and it hit Janus! That bullet killed my son! Quote2
-- Domini

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Synopsis for "The Last Traitor!"

Anton Lupeski has come to the apartment of Quincy Harker, asking for their aid in killing Dracula. He provides them with guns loaded with silver bullets to do the deed and explains that Dracula will be holding a celebration feast for his newborn son Janus. The vampire hunters find themselves at a moral cross-roads because although both the vampire hunters and Lupeski want Dracula dead, they want to do so for fundamentally different reasons. However, when they contemplate all the loved ones that Dracula has killed between themselves, they decide to go along with Lupeski's plan.

Meanwhile, Dracula returns home to his wife and child and after spending time with his boy Janus, Dracula decides to go out for a feast of his own before the celebration. Dracula goes to Boston College, where a student called Barry is trying to seduce his teacher Emily Arthurs. She is saved from him by Dracula, who sends the student running. However, the teacher is far from safe as when she is alone with Dracula, the vampire lord feeds upon her. Dracula instructs Emily that when Barry returns next week, he will again try to seduce Emily. But this time, she must allow him to kiss her. After Barry rapes her, Emily would give him the dark kiss of the vampire.

Shortly thereafter at the home of Anton Lupeski, the dinner celebration for young Janus starts off, with Lupeski preparing to betray Dracula, and Quincy Harker and the other vampire hunters waiting outside. After Dracula has arrived and Lupeski has made an opening speech, Frank Drake and the others burst in. Stunned by the intrusion, Dracula is caught off guard enough for Anton Lupeski to get his first shot on Dracula.

As the vampire hunters begin unloading their silver bullets into Dracula, Domini (with Janus in her arms) attempts to stop them from harming her husband. Although weakened, Dracula manages to fight off Harold, Quincy, and Frank. He then dodges a bullet fired by Rachel van Helsing by turning into his mist form. When Dracula returns to his physical form, Anton announces his next shot will go for Dracula's heart. Dracula goads Lupeski into firing again and turns into mist form. Lupeski's bullet misses Dracula, however the battle meets a tragic end when Domini screams and announces to all present that Lupeski's bullet had struck and killed Janus.

All present are horrified and stop fighting, and Dracula in a brutally angry moment crushes Anton Lupeski's head with his bare hands. Domini turns her attention to the oil painting of Jesus Christ, asking the glowing painting why so much blood must be shed before her son can be allowed in heaven, what purpose is this vengeance. Dracula, believing that Domini is addressing him tells her that his vengeance is not complete and turns his attention toward the vampire hunters. However, before he can attack them, Domini orders Dracula to stop, not wishing for more bloodshed on this tragic day. She assures her husband that even this was ordained and tells the vampire hunters to leave quickly.

After Quincy and the others have departed, Dracula wants to know how his own wife would dare to command him. Domini explains that these were not her commands, but those of the painting. Noticing it's glowing eyes for the first time, Dracula curses the painting and wonders why he did not and still cannot remove the painting. He then demands to know why his wife listen to it's words over his. Domini only expresses her love for Dracula and asks him to share in an embrace and accept Jesus Christ's words. Horrified, Dracula cannot bring himself to do so, and flees the scene in his bat form.

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